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Here A Sip

Here a sip, there a sip
And a sip too many.

Seek ye the mellowness
Not the oblivion.

Seek ye the mellowness
Avoiding the sharp edge of life.

Ah yes.
Here a sip, there a sip
And maybe a sip too many.

Originally written:  April 12, 2000

Alcohol of many different forms have played a part in
my family’s history.  Dad, Mom, and others  have
abused alcohol as a medication for life’s injuries
both physical and mental.   It is a substance that
needs to be be cautiously used. Each user must
make the determination if they can even have a sip.
The very smell can make some individuals salivate
for that sip or gulp.  Others just get sick with the
smell.   We as a nation has tried to outlaw the
production and consumption with colossal failure.

The susceptibility to overindulge is a medical
problem that someday will have a medical response
to alleviate the graving and the resultant problems
both family and financial. 

I pray for that day.


Growing Old With My Valentine

Like life a variety of colors

Life is beautiful in it's rainbow

Each breath I take
Is yours.

Each thought I have
Revolves around you.

Each plan or action
Involves you.

My dearest, my beloved,
I want to grow old with you!

You may be near
Or far from me.

It matters not,
I want to grow old with you!

Originally written May 15, 2000

Too Much To Do

There is too much to do.
The list is endless

I take one item at a time.
Avoiding the guilty feelings,
About all that is undone.

I awake each day with excitement
And sleep each night exhausted.

Yes, there is too much to do.
Each day is an accomplishment.

Originally written:  April 12, 2000

Life is filled with too much to do.  I have found that
depression can be the result of guilt related to “The
List of  To Do’s.”    The list will always exist, even after
we are gone.   I have found that separating myself from
ownership of the list brings moments of guilt free
living.  I strive not to feel guilty that the list is so very
long.  Many of the items on the list have been there
for what seems forever.   Yes, I have changed the format
of the list too many times to count.  From A, B, C
priorities to important, read now, must  do and other
schemes to control the list and the associated guilt
that comes by not completing the items on the list.

It is letting the list be just a list and not feeling guilty
that every waking moment I am attacking the  items
on the list to reduce the list.  Oh yes, I do work on
the list when it suits me not when the guilt tells me to.

Now, I must say there was a day, a week, a month
and even several years when the list was all important.
However, I found the effort unsatisfying and not
rewarding.  It got to be a treadmill going faster and
faster as I warmed up to the tasks.  

I now have fun and smile at the list and tell it;  “Wait
for me!  I will be there soon, chuckle-chuckle.”

An End and A Beginning

 The days of 2010 have been put behind us,
The year filled to overflowing with memories.

Good, bad and even some mediocre,
Days sometimes filled with stress and anxiety.

Jobs lost for many mamas and papas,
Even single gents and ladies weren’t immune.

Mortgage payments late and late again,
Eviction notices served, homes lost.

Homeless shelters filled to overflowing,
Food pantries emptying faster and faster.

Young men and women leaving families,
Soldiers fighting in far off lands.

Unknowns strapping on bombs,
Or sending bombs to terrorize all.

Yet hope remains,
Dented, but on the mend.

The yesterdays heroes and stars,
Are passing on to their just rewards.

The todays heroes and stars,
Striving to achieve and succeed.

Vote for Blah, Blah, Blah,
Don’t  vote for Nah, Nah, Nah.

Politics, here, there, and everywhere,
Wore many nerves very thin.

Vote for none of the above,
Became a favorite of some.

Signs of recovery late but welcome,
Bolstering hope just slightly.

All are hopeful, it is a new beginning,
Like the new year just beginning.

Each person expectant and hope-filled,
Searching and anticipation of reassurance.

Opportunities to succeed or fail,
Achievements accumulate each day.

New year days and months,
Filled with overflowing possibilities.

Like rivers, todays flow out into tomorrows,
Tomorrows flood into months to fill up a year.

If the new year is about to begin,
The collection of past years memories is complete.

Another year is creating new memories,
Each moment a precious gemstone.

Each a beautiful stone to be anticipated,
Kindly gathered and treasured.

I have a drawer full of last year’s precious jewels,
Many different colors, kinds, sizes and shapes.

Each gemstone unique, too precious to trade or sell,
Each stone represents success or failure, pleasure or pain.

Another collection of a year’s worth of memories  has begun,
Each moment will be precious.

That is not a promise of things to come,
But a recollection of gathering memories.

So begin your journey with anticipation,
And expectations of traveling an untraveled road.
Originally written:   December 15, 2010