Here A Sip

Here a sip, there a sip
And a sip too many.

Seek ye the mellowness
Not the oblivion.

Seek ye the mellowness
Avoiding the sharp edge of life.

Ah yes.
Here a sip, there a sip
And maybe a sip too many.

Originally written:  April 12, 2000

Alcohol of many different forms have played a part in
my family’s history.  Dad, Mom, and others  have
abused alcohol as a medication for life’s injuries
both physical and mental.   It is a substance that
needs to be be cautiously used. Each user must
make the determination if they can even have a sip.
The very smell can make some individuals salivate
for that sip or gulp.  Others just get sick with the
smell.   We as a nation has tried to outlaw the
production and consumption with colossal failure.

The susceptibility to overindulge is a medical
problem that someday will have a medical response
to alleviate the graving and the resultant problems
both family and financial. 

I pray for that day.

5 responses to “Here A Sip

  1. I like the sound of this poem and the words that you chose. It has a nice flow to it.
    In my opinion, “just say no” to alcohol. Taking a vigorous hike in the woods or breath-taking stroll in a park is the best way to alleviate the stresses of life.

  2. I myself have never been a drinker, but I’ve seen how overindulgence can ruin relationships and destroy lives. I think of Mark Twain: “It’s easier to stay out than to get out.” This is true, I believe, of all obsessions. The remedy: Don’t even begin!

  3. I have experienced this as well, not personally, but with a lot of people around me. There’s no avoiding it , they always take a sip too many…

  4. You’ve said it perfectly, Frank:

    Seek ye the mellowness
    Not the oblivion.

    I wonder how the addictions in your family affected you…

  5. Is the banner photo yours? Gorgeous!

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