I Am Here

Orchids fron Tom and MMI am here
Here within.

There is no need
To look out there.

I am here
Here within.

I have always been
Here within.

I am here
Here patiently waiting.

I am here
Here within.

Originally written:   April 12, 2000

This poem was an insight in my personal searching
for meaning. This poem came to mind and paper
during a time of self-doubt and examination.   A
self-confidence grew out of the insight or discovery. 
A confidence fed by becoming more comfortable
with mistakes and achievements of  the past and
actions underway.  Now, 11 years later I find the
changes continue to this day.

4 responses to “I Am Here

  1. Nice post. Love the picture of the flowers – just beautiful !

  2. Beautifully expressed, Frank! That’s the key: being oneself. Finding the peace within oneself.

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