I Love Life

Majestic Tetons


I love life!
It is so eternally fascinating.

I love each moment!
Precious beyond words.

I live life!
To the fullest, overflowing.

I love earnestly!
Deeply beyond words.
Originally written:  May 15, 2000

Life with bad moments only makes the good moments
even better. The rain and the snow make the sunshine
even brighter. The rainbows promise even more true.
Arguments between loving adults usually ends up
with wonderful makeup moments.

The glass of life can be viewed as half empty and draining.
I adhere to a different view of half full and filling.

Which way do you view your life? 

As I write this I know there are moments in my past
when things were absolutely improbable. The glass of
life did not look like it was filling.  In fact
I thought I saw the bottom of it a few times.

Then gradually through hard work and achieved goals
things got brighter and there was a rainbow.  The
promise was fulfilled.  It is there for all who
pursue it.

One response to “I Love Life

  1. Frank, you and I are identical twins on this one. I feel exactly the same. I always like to say, like King David, that my cup runneth over.

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