Final Goodbyes Said

Garden og the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Goodbyes said,
Final ones!
The next time we meet
There will be no “Goodbyes.”

I saw your pain
In the reflection
Of your eyes.

They told
Of your suffering
And your small reserve.

I acknowledged
Your kiss to my cheek.
With kiss of love
And caring to yours.

I continue
My petitions each night.
With many prayers
In between.

I wish for you to complete
Your “To do list” swiftly.
I pray your doctors
Keep you comfortable.

I also pray
You are able
To maintain your dignity
Through the travails ahead.

Goodbye my dear uncle,
But I really mean
“Until we meet again!”
Originally written:  June 28, 2000

These few words were written to help
relieve the pain I was feeling as I
bid Goodbye to a dear uncle.

Uncle Jay and my father were the closest
of brothers.  When Dad needed help
Uncle Jay was there to help.  The
reverse was also true.   He became a
father figure in my life after Dad died.
My wife and I are still close to his
wife Auntie Dot.

I did not want to say goodbye
but I knew we both needed to
acknowledge this was the last time
we would see each other would
be when I crossover into the next world.
I did not want my dear uncle to
continue to live in horrible pain with
terminal bone cancer.

We said our loving goodbyes and wished
each other well.  Surrounded by
his loving family my dear uncle
crossed over to a new life in November

3 responses to “Final Goodbyes Said

  1. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do.

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  3. Beautiful, Frank, so much feeling. My mother’s cancer went into her bones before she died, so I know how painful that is. Dying can be cruel, sometimes.

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