Desires are Desires

Desires are desires.
You can intellectually desire,
Or emotionally desire.

I have found
Which I am
Likely to feel
And succeed.

When I emotionally desire
Emotion is a stronger force
Than intellectual forces.

Desires are driving
Forces in my life.

I wonder if
I can trace
This all back
To guilt trips.
Originally written:  August 6, 2000

Desires can be intellectually or emotionally based. 
I have found which helps more often lead to success for me.
Then a thought crossed my mind.  Was this all related
back to the emotions felt when I was growing up and
felt guilty and unworthy.  Emotions were very strong.

4 responses to “Desires are Desires

  1. I tend to be more of a feeling than a thinking person. Enjoying things is more important to me than understanding them.

  2. I believe (and have experienced) the powerful attractive nature of feelings. And like, I think enjoying is way more important than understanding…not that I don’t get a kick out of trying to figure out things… 🙂

  3. Oops, I meant ‘And like NP…’ 🙂

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