Lives Destroyed and Rebuilding

Push, push, shove, shove.
Here we go again,
A new day has begun.
What a way to earn a living.
Suck it up, Suck it in.
Contact Jim, contact Jane.
Tell them what is needed.
Did they understand?
Say a prayer now, say one later.
What happened to this day?
Time has run out, the sun has set.
Lay my head down.
Close my eyes, try to sleep.
Try to avoid the nightmares.
Try to relax, a new day is coming.

What have you done for me lately?
Get the job done.
Get the job done now.
Do the job cheaper.
Do it with less and faster
Deliver the product now.
Quality can come later.
Where were you?
When I needed you?
Forget the annual targets.
Deliver your quarterly goals.

Plot, plan, and overthrow
Keep head down out of sight.
Head down working hard, maybe.
Whisper gossip now.
Listen to gossip later.
Feed misinformation
Feed distrust.
Cheat a little, not a lot.
Lie a little, just a fib.
Pretend to do the most.
Come in first. not last.

Oh no, not me.
We have chosen a new direction
I am sorry, but.
Thank you for your work
We no longer need you.
You have been laid off.
Or you are fired
Do not pass go.
There is the door
What will I do?
Where can I work?

Poor me
Woe is me.
Woe is my life.
Look at self
Cry a little, even a lot
Stop the pity party
Get a little angry
Find a new attitude
I will show them.

What to do?
Begin the search
Resume here, resume there.
Wait and wait some more
Wait impatiently.
No calls yesterday
No calls today.
Submit some more
Resume updated here and there.
Wait some more
Sadness, even self-doubt.

Hopeless and helpless
Bills coming due.
Funds are running low.
Pay a little here
Pay a little there.
Not enough for all,
Some fall behind.
Foreclosure notice today.
Eviction notice tomorrow.

Lets begin again
What will happen
Where will we go
Cry a lot today.
Cry some more tonight.
Pray more now
Pray more often.
Found a new place
But it’s still a home

Oh, thank goodness.
A new job, any job.
And new hope for the future.
Say a prayer of thanks
For family and friends.
Prayers were answered.
It was not hopeless.
My head is held high.
I am lucky this time.

This poem is dedicated to the multitude of  women and men that worked for a greedy  company, cheated, lied, over extended,  paid too much attention to the bottom line.  Also to those working for honest hard  working companies  and people affected  by the world-wide recession similar to the  depression suffered by our ancestors.

This poem was published on BrooWaha –  Your Shared News and Views on-line newspaper on May 22, 2011.


One response to “Lives Destroyed and Rebuilding

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Frank, that was wonderful. An ode to greed and corporacracy and the strength of the human spirit. You’re the best!

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