I Will Keep on Trucking

The following is a poem I submitted and was published on Broowaha.com
an internet newspaper supported by interested writers.   I post it on my
poetry blog as a means of keeping all of my poetry in one spot.

I Will Keep on Trucking

I wake up with pain.
I begin to move ever so slowly.
I will keep on trucking.

Doctor visits too regular.
Emergency Room visits too often.
Yet, I keep on trucking.

Diagnosis unclear, or untrusted.
Next doctor or specialist please.
Trucking down my road.

Medical records grow fast
Even thicker than the family bible.
Looking like a truck maybe needed.

Frustration germinates and springs to life.
Even confusion reigns at times.
Truck load of prayers sped on their way.

Faith carries the day.
My days are numbered and known.
To my Driver.

I am assured there is a reason
I travel this way and at this time.
HE is driving my truck.

I share my journey.
Others need to know the path
I will keep on trucking.

I lift my anxiety and worry.
I lift my pain and sorrow.
The Truck Driver hauls them away.



Originally written:   May 26, 2011

I dedicate this poem to a woman I have known since her childhood.
Koryn has contracted breast cancer  a number of years ago.  She
is one of brave women in our times to fight this horrible disease
day after day.  She has lost several of her compatriots along the
the road to recovery.   I recommend a visit her blog about her
personal journey. http://motherspreciousgems.wordpress.com/

Here is a link to the poem at BrooWaha : http://www.broowaha.com/articles/9651/i-will-keep-on-trucking


3 responses to “I Will Keep on Trucking

  1. Hey Frank, so sorry to hear of your friend’s difficult journey. I wish her great peace, the kind that will restore health. And I rejoice in your friendship as it must surely be of great support and consolation to her!

  2. Well spoken thoughts about a horrible disease.

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