Rose Colored Glasses

I view the world through
Colored glasses.

Colored by  my beliefs,
My background.

Background made up
Through each day’s experiences.

Experiences endured,
Overcoming  life’s impediments.

Learning profound truths
Changing perspectives

Anger and hatred,
Colored dark and black.

Even different colors
Violet for laments and sadness.

Rose tint for love
Taken from my tears and sighs.

My vision changing with happenings
Causing new lenses ground each day

Each new lens
A filter changing perspective.

I am biased by the filters
In my life.

I am amazed
When I bump into a “truth.”

As viewed  from someone
Else’s perspective or bias.

It changes my lenses
Of yesterday to this moment.


Originally written:   January 27, 2002
Updated:                 May 30, 2011

No two people experience an event in their lives describe an event in the same
way.   My experience  is changed by sharing with others.

6 responses to “Rose Colored Glasses

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Frank, your vision of life is so lyrical and lovely, and so beautifully expressed. You are one of my favorite poets.

  2. How true – encountering or *bumping* into someone else’s truth can bring us to the present moment of ultimate truth 🙂

    • BM5- Thank you for your comment. True, our truth changes with the “bump”. I wonder if there is an ultimate truth where everyone experiencing the same event have the same “truth”. The older I get the more truths I have seen change with time and interactions.

  3. There are so many sides to the “Truth.” Every person we meet shows us another.

    • Marty, thank you for your comment. You’ve hit on the the basic Underpinnings of the poem. Each person is unique. Each person looks at the world thru their lenses. Each has their idea of truth. Interaction with others and the world changes that perspective. Their world and their truths constantly are changing.

      You would have said the same in fewer words. I think I am too verbose.

  4. A kaleidoscope of truth both lyrical and sublime. Have a colorful day! I’m posting today as Cat Wisdom 101 instead of the Boomer Muse.

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