Scritch Scratch

Scritch Scratching Away

I sit here and scritch
Scratch my thoughts.

Of life and love,
Upon this piece of paper.

It surprises me
As much as you.

The words that flow
And appear upon the page.

Yet, I feel tranquil
As the page is filled

Filled with drivel
And drabble from my mind.

Originally written: November 12, 2003

I am surprised by what words appear on the page sometimes. At times the words hide behind a grey screen of fog called writers block. At other moments the words flow directly to the page without a thought or effort. The prose arrives complete without correction or interference. Then there are those hours and days of hard work to mold a piece into a sentence and into a stanza. Yes, I am surprised as you, the reader, how some pieces twist and turn.

2 responses to “Scritch Scratch

  1. Recently I pulled out an old black sketch book and have scritched and scratched journal entries in colored pencil crayon. Very low tech and right brain. A good antidote to over-thinking. Isn’t it amazing when we look back on journals years later how they can jump start the creative process?

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