2011 Reflections

Oh dear Lord,
This year is about to be over.
What next will come our way?

This past year
Was filled to overflowing with
Too many, way too many;

People hurt or killed by others
Jobs lost causing bankruptcies
Banks focusing on dollars in arrears
Homes lost displaced families
No job or home created homelessness
No food or water caused starvation
Earthquake caused Tsunami and nuclear disasters
Tornados sweeping clear land and lives
Fanaticism begat escalated responses
Occupy here and occupy there
Wars and armies trampling rights and lives
Wild fires taking homes and lives
Politicians use of sound bites
Media stampedes to get latest
Cancers taking too many beyond the veil
Memories and abilities lost to alzheimers
Commercialism of holidays
Some Corporations pure greed
The Great Recession continued

This past year
Saw some amazing stories of:

Soldiers coming home
Families being reunited
Last space shuttle an end of an era
People helping others unknown
British royal wedding – William and Kate
MIddle East Spring rebellion freeing citizens
Flyers bill of rights becoming law
Tourism begins to increase again
Santas paying for layaways

Oh dear Lord
May the list of amazing stories be greater
Than the list of sad and painful occurences.

May people the world over
Find a bit of optimism in the face of tragedies.

May each treat each other
As we want to be treated.

Originally written: December 29, 2011

Posted on Expats Post on December 29, 2011 http://expatspost.com/creative/2011-reflections/

I repost it on my blog to provide continuity with last year reflection on 2010. I will be doing the same for future years. The new year has lots to look forward to. May each of you be blessed and have a prosperous new year.

2 responses to “2011 Reflections

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Frank, I believe this will be a very special year and I’m choosing to believe that the changes that are coming will be positive and full of light and love. And may it bring many more beautiful Frank Brinkman poems!

  2. Thank you Melody! I, too look forward with hope for 2012. I look forward to more poems from you.

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