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Happy Birthday – Again

Bison herd Tetons National Park April 2008

We are watching you.

A singular anniversary
of a love shared.

Shared between two
Lovers urgent desires.

An anniversary enjoyed
Anticipated and Experienced

Contemplated now
And again and again.

With joy and surprise,
Each a heart warming day.

Through adolescence
To giddy teenage years.

First love deeply felt
Lost in the nights of fire

Love refound amongst the ashes
Kindled in friendship and desire.

A family reformed
Hers and mine made six..

Love found and lived
Each day among the drama

Internalizing lessons learned
Changing self to help one or all.

One step, two, taken
Make a difference

Grow in breadth and width
Sharing and relieving trauma

Satisfaction and resolution gains,
Professionally and personally.

Anniversaries pile up
One upon another and another,

Physical ailments accumulating
Gathering strength and debilitation.

A life now constrained
Pain unrelieved lived

A new life chosen
Slower and without anxiety.

New choices to be made
Creating differently

Using life and experience
Poems and treasures.

Anniversaries mounding up
Heaping pounds and greyness

A body shows the wear
To the wearer of the body.

Slowing life, rushing forward
To another anniversary.

Gathering years of mountains of joys
And ant hills of sorrow.

Happy Birthday brings all together
All happenings and experiences

Even of the two lovers
So long long ago.

Alive for the moment
Of remembrances of remembrances.

Until the next turn of the clock.
Tick Tock, tick tock.

Originally written: January 25, 2012

Thanks Giving

Thank you!
For today,
For the sun,
For the breeze,
For life.

This is a day for family
For the sharing,
For the learning,
More for the loving.

Giving thanks,
Life sharing,
Joining, separating,
Joining again,
Year after year.

A Day of Thanksgiving.

Originally written: November 27, 2003
Updated: January 6, 2012

Family and friends gather together to give thanks. Some years there are more thanks than other years. This past year has been one with pain and anquish for many. I hope and pray 2012 will be a better year for all of us.


In life
As in all things
Choices come
And must be made.

Choices can be black
Or white
Very easy to discern
Without regrets.

Many days
And times
There are no white
Nor black anywhere
On the horizon

Yet a choice
Must be made
Ambiguity is the normal order
Choices with little information
Of lessor evils
Or least negative impacts.

All choices
Come with small
Or large regrets
Ambiguity reigns supreme
Yet choice is a must.

Postponement’s a no-no.
Procrastination in past
Can no longer be used
Decision must be made.

Regret will be a part.
Pride will be a another part.
Growth within your heart
And progress will happen
Knowledge and experience will queue up.

Another choice
Will be right there
Demanding another choice
And so we go back to the first line.

Originally written: November 13, 2003
Updated: January 4, 2012

We have had to make difficult choices. This poem is a reflection of those choices we have made and will make it life. We cannot live without making these choices. To live is a choice. Yes, I have accumulated regrets, but along with those regrets comes happiness and pride. With age we become wiser in the choices we make. At least most of the time.