We Fight On!

Reap the day,
The harvest

They fall,
We relish.

The winter may be hard,
Maybe soft.

Either way
We fight on!

Originally written: Thursday, November 27, 2003

Autumn is a time of gathering the crops in, cooking, smoking, and preserving the food in any way possible for use in the winter. We had a cold cellar for potatoes, carrots, onions, and apples. This has been the way for centuries for farmers and small towns. Today, we live in a city and food is flown in from Chile and other southern hemisphere places to offset the winter season we are experiences. Yet, in the out of the way villages the traditional ways are slow to die away.

After autumn and the bounty of the harvest comes the winter. Winter time can be very hard. I remember winters with snow banks eleven feet in height. Last winter in southwestern Colorado they received nine feet of snow in 4 days. Several buildings in the small town collapsed. The town ran out of places to put the snow and had to lease a farmers field for depositing the excess snow from the town. I remember a winter that had temperatures hovering in the minus 40 degree range in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A neighbor slipped and fell breaking her wrist. It was a time when people restricted their activities. In 2003 Denver received 4 foot of snow in 3 days. People living in the mountains on private roads were trapped until they could get plowed out which took more than a week.

It was a time of people coming together to help each other. Our neighborhood and many others shoveled a road through the snow to allow one car to travel out to a main road that was being plowed by the county as an emergency route. Friendships formed in the middle of fighting the storm have lasted for the last nine years.

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