Monthly Archives: February 2013

Ode to My Daughter Janine

Family Gathering to Honor Janine
Our family and friends gather
In celebration and grief.
A time to cry and morn
Sharing the grief and pain
A time to say “Good-bye”
Remembering special moments.
A time to cherish
Each others precious memories.
Our family gathers
In reluctance and prayers.
A time to joyously
Share the family stories of a life shared.
A time to laugh and chuckle
One last time remembering together.
A time of healing
A sacred moment of sealing our memories.
A time well spent
A final honor of a life shared.
Janine, my darling daughter.
I give you my blessing one last time
May our loved ones who have passed over
Greet you with open arms.
May your struggles be replaced
With the joy of singing in THE CHOIR.
May you watch and guide
Family and friends to avoid pitfalls.
I send my love
Sealed within my heart.
May God Bless and Keep you in his arms forevermore.
My dearest Janine.