Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sunsetting through the oak tree



As the sun and moon set
on the days of 2013.

We look forward anticipating,
And backward with introspection.

We have overcome
Unbelievable traumas and challenges.

Weddings, births, graduations,
Birthdays, and personal bests have crossed our path.

Injury, health issues,  disappointments,
And even deaths have visited our lives.

Selling Our home,
and moving to a retirement community.

A daughter, brother,
And several friends passing.

Meeting and making new friends
And starting new pastimes.

Traveling here, traveling there
Suitcase never really unpacked.

Memories, precious memories
Each treasured in their own right.

A new beginning
Stepping forward with confidence.

Toward 2014’s unknown happenings
With dear friends, old and new.

Having learned the lessons
From all that has happened.

I thank all who have offered
A hand and/or heart along the way.

With a smile And light heart
I toast both the past and the new year.