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Touch, You’re it

Life brings, You to me.

A stranger, Danger or delight.

A mentor, Teacher or muse.

A friend, Casual or lover.

Touch, I’m it.

Moving on, Forever changed.

Life brought, Me to you.

Transforming. You and me!


What Are You Doing Here?

I live in a senior independent living community of over 100 souls. There are several bodies aged 100 plus. Many are in their 80’s and 90’s. There are few in their 70’s. Many are handicapped and using canes and walkers to move about the residence. Heart and memory  diseases afflict more than a few. Living in this community I have developed close friendships with many of the residents.

I see many acquaintances and friends declining in health, going to thedoctors, hospitals, other facilities, and finally passing into the next world.It has provided a unique understanding of our frailties and impermanence. I am not depressed nor anxious about these circumstances. As unusual as it may seem I am exhilarated and comfortable with the present and the future. The following eulogy has been many years in gestation. It is the firstwritten version. I can envision it being altered and revised several times in the years ahead.

Oh my friends

What are you doing here?
You have heard and know

I am no longer here.
I have gone to the other side

Of the veil of life.
For some would think it to

Be a downward direction.
Being in a very warm

And unfriendly locale.
For others they are watching.

Watching for a butterfly or dragonfly.
A new life to be lived

Karma to be paid.
For me, I believe

My penance is over!
I have passed beyond the veil

Welcomed by loved ones.
Each of you family, friend, and especially foe

Are still in my thoughts and prayers.
May this idea and thought

Give you a measure of comfort.
May the words of each person

Spoken in memory bring you solace.
For there has been laughter.

Yes, there were tears and pain.
There has been kindness,

And love, yes love!
So my friends, do not

Give further tears or anguish.
My suffering and pain

Are now a thing of the past.
Raise your glass in salute.

Fill your belly with good food.
Tend to each other.

Some will need your loving care.
The veil between this world

And His Kingdom is very thin.
I will be watching and waiting

To be among the first to greet you.
Go! Live and love

Life to the fullest!
Oh my friends

What are you doing here?
Originally written: April 15, 2016
The thoughts expressed above have been rattling around in my mind for several years. I did not want the prose to be a “downer” or depressing.  It took quite a bit of time to feel confident in the way the feelings are being expressed.  Thank you for reading it.  I look forward to your comments.