Humans have a need

10 October Colors 249

Humans have a need
To believe in an intelligence

Behind the creation of our existence.
Belief in an after life or oblivion

For some, it gives reasons to behave
They believe in karma and reincarnation.

Yes, we humans are complex
We are conflicted, warlike

Yet, there are miracles
Of compassion, love, and sacrifice.

I have experienced
The joys and pains of marriage,

I have been hurtful and shamed by it.
I felt lost in heartache or guilt.

But joyful for the fruits
Each child precious beyond measure

I have been sustained
By the feeling of caring

I have been surprised
By deep soul moving love.

I have witnessed
Love in impossible ways

Treasured in memories of good and bad
Preserved through the tribulations

To the joy of perseverance
Onto deep friendship and companionship.

I am a dedicated
People watcher

I have learned many things
I have sifted life’s meaning

Down to a simple thought
Be helpful!

I try to walk the talk
It is a challenge.


Created:  September 16, 2017


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