God’s Waiting Room

God’s waiting room

I live here

Amongst the old and older.

It is an attractive

Building and grounds.

We are fed and cared for

By loving and competent people.

We make acquaintances

Even close friends.

We help each other

Onto and off the elevator.

Into and out of our chairs

In the dining room.

We help park

Each other’s handicap horses,

Otherwise known as

Walkers or wheelchairs.

We see our dear friends

Gradually or suddenly grow frail.

Our friends stagger or hobble

A little more as days pass by.

Strangers come into our lives.

They become neighbors and friends

They move out of our lives

Suddenly sometimes without warning.

Other times it is a lingering

Sad and heart aching good bye.

The days pass slowly,

Ever so slowly.

Yet in hind sight,

Where has time flown by?

We get involved in activities

Bingo, card games, and trips.

We enjoy the special moments

I would dare say even treasure them.

Then we slink off to our beds

We wash our faces.

We take our meds

Hoping sleep finds us quickly.

And that dreamland lasts

Straight through till sunrise.

Most nights mister Sandman

Comes and goes several times each night.

The best sleep happens

In the early morning after several naps

During the tossing and turning

Of wrestling with mister Sandman.

We find our bodies

Are growing more unreliable

Yes, unreliable. We seem

To be weaker and ill more often.

There are moments when

The veil between today and yesterday

Grows thin and enchanting

Inviting us to ruminate

Even when the time beyond

Calls to us yearningly.

Our time is known here on earth

We are in Gods Waiting room.

Waiting and waiting

Just waiting.

Written: July 26, 2019

I was sitting thinking of our friends and family.

I thought of our loved ones that had left us for

their reward in the afterlife. I am lucky to have

the love of family and friends. I live in a nice

place waiting for my turn to pass over. I am not

sad or unhappy. In fact, I am delighted to be

in this position.

3 responses to “God’s Waiting Room

  1. Wow – beautiful. 🥰

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Frank, hello. I’m playing catch-up here after being out of commission for a bit after back surgery. Feeling more myself and just read your beautiful post. I’m glad that you’re so happy. I could wish more people were, or at least that they appreciated how lucky they were to wake up today. Not everyone did. As long as we’re still here, we should be joyful about it. So nice to hear from you again. Stay well and happy! 🙂

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