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Journeys End

The end of a Journey is within sight.

The end of a Journey is within sight.

Thank you Ageless One.
My wrinkles, scars, and bruises,
They demonstrate your generosity,
Your gift of longevity.

Thank you Rising Son.
Not as a complaint, but a deep sigh
For the aches and pains of old muscles and bones
They are a gift of a new day.

Thank you Heavenly Father,
Each wheezing breath is a prayer
For clarity of mind and heart.
They bow in reverence.

Thank you Gentle Loving Spirit
For my many faults and weaknesses,
And so I feel slovenly unworthy,
But still you pour out your bountiful graces.

Within your embrace I face the daily toils,
Overcoming the challenges of bigotry,
Sharing the smiles and cheerfulness with others
With an attitude of simple humbleness.

Thank you Infinity Personified,
So many memories and experiences,
Are at my beck and call.
More precisely during my frequent naps.

Thank you Grace Embodiment,
Each day is in itself a blessing.
I mightily struggle with my infirmities,
Blessed by each graceless fumbling bumbling  step.

Thank you Heavenly Gate Keeper
For holding the door slightly ajar.
My slow gait has dictated this pace.
Patience I have had to learn and relearn.

Thank you Everlasting Peace
I am coming, though staggeringly
Yes, I am coming, are you waiting?
I am anxiously anticipating my journeys end.

I am committed to You, My Lord.
With love and forgiveness your guarantee
My days, hours, and even minutes are known to you,
I stumble along my path with confidence.

Originally written: March 19, 2015

The poem was written over a period of several months.
It is a reflection on my life and growing old and
the changes that occur naturally.  It also acknowledges
the thoughts I have heard from others who have
and are on this journey.

I publish it in recognition of World Poetry Day March 21, 2015.


Series of Choices

Life is a series of choices,
     Made or not made.

And the consequences,
     Always the consequences,

Our foot path is directed,
     By choices and consequences.

It may meander
     Or go straight.

Yet, one thing is sure,
     Choices to be made or not made.

Our lives change with each,
     For good or ill.

Knowledge is gathered,
     And strewn along the foot path.

Originally written:   March 6, 2000

A life lived is a life defined by our actions
and inaction.   A life is forever changed
by small insignificant changes as well as
the major decisions.   The little changes
appear over time as more and more of
them accumulate.   Then, one a question
appears in your mind, “How did I get here
from there?”   The answer sometimes is not
obvious until the little changes are taken
into account.