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Journeys End

The end of a Journey is within sight.

The end of a Journey is within sight.

Thank you Ageless One.
My wrinkles, scars, and bruises,
They demonstrate your generosity,
Your gift of longevity.

Thank you Rising Son.
Not as a complaint, but a deep sigh
For the aches and pains of old muscles and bones
They are a gift of a new day.

Thank you Heavenly Father,
Each wheezing breath is a prayer
For clarity of mind and heart.
They bow in reverence.

Thank you Gentle Loving Spirit
For my many faults and weaknesses,
And so I feel slovenly unworthy,
But still you pour out your bountiful graces.

Within your embrace I face the daily toils,
Overcoming the challenges of bigotry,
Sharing the smiles and cheerfulness with others
With an attitude of simple humbleness.

Thank you Infinity Personified,
So many memories and experiences,
Are at my beck and call.
More precisely during my frequent naps.

Thank you Grace Embodiment,
Each day is in itself a blessing.
I mightily struggle with my infirmities,
Blessed by each graceless fumbling bumbling  step.

Thank you Heavenly Gate Keeper
For holding the door slightly ajar.
My slow gait has dictated this pace.
Patience I have had to learn and relearn.

Thank you Everlasting Peace
I am coming, though staggeringly
Yes, I am coming, are you waiting?
I am anxiously anticipating my journeys end.

I am committed to You, My Lord.
With love and forgiveness your guarantee
My days, hours, and even minutes are known to you,
I stumble along my path with confidence.

Originally written: March 19, 2015

The poem was written over a period of several months.
It is a reflection on my life and growing old and
the changes that occur naturally.  It also acknowledges
the thoughts I have heard from others who have
and are on this journey.

I publish it in recognition of World Poetry Day March 21, 2015.


I Am Going Home

A New Beginning!

A New Beginning!

I Am Going Home
Oh Heavenly Father,
Come for me today.
To be home for Christmas.

The earthly toils and tribulations
Have worn my body and spirit down
Come Holy Spirit.

Our long, long suffering is
Torturing the innocents
Surrounding and supporting us.

My body and mind
Yearn for the loving
And peaceful joy
Of being in your presence.

This is the season of Advent
A time of expecting
A time of preparing.

I am prepared.
We are prepared,
Now is my Advent season

I await the miracle
Of my new birth
My new beginning

Free of suffering
Singing with your angels
The glorious songs of old.

Announcing the arrival
Of The Child
And of the new arrivals.

Come Holy Spirit
I await your pleasure
Impatiently, I await

Come Holy Spirit.
Take me home.

Originally written: December 18, 2012

This was written for my cousin, Bill Mehringer, at the request
of his wife Deb. Bill is in hospice as this poem was written.
We love and support Bill and Deb in this long struggle. Bill
got his miracle just a couple hours after Deb read this poem
to him. Bill’s wait is over and he has his beautiful wings.

Final Goodbyes Said

Garden og the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Goodbyes said,
Final ones!
The next time we meet
There will be no “Goodbyes.”

I saw your pain
In the reflection
Of your eyes.

They told
Of your suffering
And your small reserve.

I acknowledged
Your kiss to my cheek.
With kiss of love
And caring to yours.

I continue
My petitions each night.
With many prayers
In between.

I wish for you to complete
Your “To do list” swiftly.
I pray your doctors
Keep you comfortable.

I also pray
You are able
To maintain your dignity
Through the travails ahead.

Goodbye my dear uncle,
But I really mean
“Until we meet again!”
Originally written:  June 28, 2000

These few words were written to help
relieve the pain I was feeling as I
bid Goodbye to a dear uncle.

Uncle Jay and my father were the closest
of brothers.  When Dad needed help
Uncle Jay was there to help.  The
reverse was also true.   He became a
father figure in my life after Dad died.
My wife and I are still close to his
wife Auntie Dot.

I did not want to say goodbye
but I knew we both needed to
acknowledge this was the last time
we would see each other would
be when I crossover into the next world.
I did not want my dear uncle to
continue to live in horrible pain with
terminal bone cancer.

We said our loving goodbyes and wished
each other well.  Surrounded by
his loving family my dear uncle
crossed over to a new life in November

You Are With Me Still!

  • You are with me still.
    • Out of sight, hearing, and smell,
    • And Yet,
    • You are with me still.
  • I close my eyes,
    • And you are there,
    • Envisioned like the angel you are.
    • The breeze whispering, whispering to me.
    • And carrying your perfume like sweet lilacs to me.
    • Yes! You are with me still.
  • I open my mind,
    • And all the memories we have created.
    • Come fresh to my thoughts.
    • I yearn to create new memories
    • With you and for you.
    • Yes! Oh yes. You are with me still.

Originally written: August 3, 1996

Beckoning and Waiting

  • Beckoning and Waiting
    • I have looked into the eyes of a dear friend.
      • A friend with many months, and years lived.
    • The wonder of childhood turned into
      • Wisdom and memories.
    • The desire to understand  was fully developed
      • And full of questions.
    • Most of all I saw love.
      • Love of life and for me.
  • Ah yes.  There was trust.  Trust in Him
    • Who died on a cross so long ago for our sins.
    • Trust that He was beckoning and waiting.

Originally written:  February 19, 1996

  • This along with the other writtings  around this time was a look into myself and reminiscing  a time with  my dear friend just before she passed over to a new life.

I Said Goodbye

  • I said goodbye 
    • Oh, how brave she was.
  • Never wanting to cause anyone work
    • On her behalf.
  • Feeling guilty when showered with gifts
    • Of love and caring.
  • Yet, she was the one who volunteering here, Volunteering there,
    • Always making her presence a pleasure.
  • Her life an example for one and all
    • Sharing her time and talent.
  • Prisoner of the decaying flesh
    • Holding her firm to this earth.
  • I said goodbye.
    • I knew it was for the last time.
      • She knew it too.
  • I held her hand,
    • Then her fingers.
      • Then nothing at all.
  • Just two hands stretched out
    • Not touching, just stretced out
      • Toward each other.
  • The fingers not long enough
    • To reach across the distance.
  • My eyes held her eyes.
    • Tears held back for another time.
      • We did not want to part.
  • We watched each other slip away.
    • I out the door.
      • She out different kind of door.
    • Another friend has said a last goodbye.
  • How many more times to say “Goodbye?”
    • I turned and walked away.
      • She turned and looked away.
  • How many more times do I have to say “Goodbye?”

Originally written:    February 19, 1996

  • This was written in remembrance of the day I said a last goodbye.  I wondered how many more times do I have to say “Goodbye.”  It brought mortality closer to reality.

I am Dying


  • I am dieing.
    • You know it.
      • I know it.
    • You don’t say it.
      • I don’t say it.
    • We wait together and alone.
      • We wait in impatience.
    • I await in pain.
      • I await in resignation.
    • Still the question comes
      • unbidden, unrequested.
  • Lord, why do we wait?

Originally written:  February 18, 1996

  • I wrote this from the perspective of the dear friend who was nearing the end of life.    I came to the realization some day I would be the one waiting to cross over to a better life.   This realization hit me hard and these words formed in my mind.    In a way it is impatient.  I found that impatience in my dear friend and my mother-in-law while she was waiting.