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I walk in the forest

Walk Among

Come walk with me.

I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Like you, like me

Our friends, our non-friends.


They are many and varied

Sizes and shapes.


Short legs, short arms and bodies

In endless combinations


Skin in shades and colors of bark

Are many as the grains of sands


Pale white or yellow

To dusk and even midnight.


From homeless and discarded

To rich and empowered


Their beliefs in Gods and spirits

Many heartfelt, others heartless.


From agnostic to zealot

Evoking love and others hate


To walk in this forest

One must be alert and vigilant.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


I have walked amongst humans

For three score and a half more.


I became a connoisseur of watching

Sitting unnoticed, but noticing.


I found when I scratched someone

They bled like me regardless of skin color


The pain and anguish they felt

Was similar to mine.


No shape or size

Made any difference.


I find the differences

Are to be cherished.


I read and viewed media

About senseless aggression


Famine, natural disasters

Earthquake, or disease epidemic


I have witnessed displacement

A human column of immeasurable grief


Suffering starvation

And deprivations


Also domestic violence

To terrorism in schools,


Revenge or an action

To get attention to a cause.


Or war in far-flung nations

Inflicting harm and death.


Our little blue marble is cluttered

With collateral damage.


Even soldiers afflicted

By PTSD created by chaos of war.


Or by the violence in

our neighborhood or home.


I physically hurt

When I come into contact


In person or via media

I shudder trying to comprehend


Both the victims

And perpetrators.


I am at a loss

And feel sad and helpless


My heart has been

Broken and beaten.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Yet, I have hope

Even in the darkest moments


I wonder where

This optimism comes from



Created September 15, 2017




Scritch Scratch

Scritch Scratching Away

I sit here and scritch
Scratch my thoughts.

Of life and love,
Upon this piece of paper.

It surprises me
As much as you.

The words that flow
And appear upon the page.

Yet, I feel tranquil
As the page is filled

Filled with drivel
And drabble from my mind.

Originally written: November 12, 2003

I am surprised by what words appear on the page sometimes. At times the words hide behind a grey screen of fog called writers block. At other moments the words flow directly to the page without a thought or effort. The prose arrives complete without correction or interference. Then there are those hours and days of hard work to mold a piece into a sentence and into a stanza. Yes, I am surprised as you, the reader, how some pieces twist and turn.

Truths Dreams and Hopes

Our truths
Define our personal reality.

We must be on guard
Against our own fanaticisms,

It is an intolerance
For other’s reality.

It is the lack of respect
For other’s realities.

That we create
The destructive forces.

That can overwhelm us
And will rebound against us.

Our truths
Limit our realities, our lives.

Our truths may
Define our reality.

Our dreams may
Define our future.

Dreams provide us hopes
Even in the most dismal circumstances.

Our hopes
Define our needs.

Hopes provide us the ability
To overcome catastrophes.

Without our dreams and hopes
We are overwhelmed by life’s dramas.

We need our dreams and hopes
To be happy, to be sad.

We need our truths
To experience life to the fullest.

Originally written: June 20, 2002

A Single Lonesome Thought. . .

A  Single Lonesome Thought . . .

  • A thought. . .
    • A single lonesome thought.
    • The very first thought.
  • A precious gift given to each of us
    • All we are or will be
    • Is the result of this wondrous gift.
  • Not for our glory but for His. . .
    • Just a thought of mine –
    • Hmmm mmm mmm or His?

Originally written:  February 15, 1995

This is a musing on the very first thought.  The first thought a human being had.  The first thought I had when I entered life.  The first thought I can remember.  The first thought I had this morning.  What would I be without my first thought and all those that came after.   I am thankful for the precious gift and would not like to live without it.

Ah… Those Faults You Have…

Ahh… Those Faults You Have.

  • The easiest faults to condemn are those noticed in others.   However, I have found the easiest faults to recognize are those that I have personally experienced within  my own person.  Condemning others is voicing anger at yourself or at least it was in my case.
  • A better way is to acknowledge the fault in others is to smile your best smile while saying a prayer for guidance of both the person who has exhibited the fault and for yourself.   
  • This has a humbling quality.  It also keeps friends as friends.

Originally written:   December 10, 1994

Where am I Going?

Where am I going?

  • Where am I going?
  • I think I know!
    • I say “think” because the winds of change blow;
      • Sometimes meekly and other times very brazenly.
    • I, like the oak tree, bend in the wind allowing the wind to pass  changing only those things necessary to sustain life and stay on course.
  • Where am I going?
  • I know the way!
    • I say “know” because I am committed;
      • commitment plus perseverance equals achievement!
    • I like the tortoise, slow, plodding, deliberate.
  • Where am I going?
  • The way is here inside,
    • The path unclear – full of danger.
    • It is strewn with pitfalls and brambles.
    • It winds in and out of darkness, fog, and sunlight.
    • It turns upon itself confusing travelers.
  • Where am I going? 
  •  I feel safe.   I have faith.  
    • I will reach my destination!
    • It will be different than I now see it.
      • Yet, I am comfortable it will be MY Destination.

Originally written:    November 19, 1994

Frustration can be Debilitating

Frustration can be Debilitating

  • Frustration can be debilitating.
    • Debilitation can lead to hopelessness.
    • Hopelessness leads to despair.
    • Despairing can lead to inaction.
    • Inaction leads to frustration.
  • Decisions and actions lead to accomplishment.
    • Accomplishment leads to self-worth.
  • Thus the cycle of frustration is broken.

Originally written:  November 1, 1994