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I walk in the forest

Walk Among

Come walk with me.

I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Like you, like me

Our friends, our non-friends.


They are many and varied

Sizes and shapes.


Short legs, short arms and bodies

In endless combinations


Skin in shades and colors of bark

Are many as the grains of sands


Pale white or yellow

To dusk and even midnight.


From homeless and discarded

To rich and empowered


Their beliefs in Gods and spirits

Many heartfelt, others heartless.


From agnostic to zealot

Evoking love and others hate


To walk in this forest

One must be alert and vigilant.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


I have walked amongst humans

For three score and a half more.


I became a connoisseur of watching

Sitting unnoticed, but noticing.


I found when I scratched someone

They bled like me regardless of skin color


The pain and anguish they felt

Was similar to mine.


No shape or size

Made any difference.


I find the differences

Are to be cherished.


I read and viewed media

About senseless aggression


Famine, natural disasters

Earthquake, or disease epidemic


I have witnessed displacement

A human column of immeasurable grief


Suffering starvation

And deprivations


Also domestic violence

To terrorism in schools,


Revenge or an action

To get attention to a cause.


Or war in far-flung nations

Inflicting harm and death.


Our little blue marble is cluttered

With collateral damage.


Even soldiers afflicted

By PTSD created by chaos of war.


Or by the violence in

our neighborhood or home.


I physically hurt

When I come into contact


In person or via media

I shudder trying to comprehend


Both the victims

And perpetrators.


I am at a loss

And feel sad and helpless


My heart has been

Broken and beaten.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Yet, I have hope

Even in the darkest moments


I wonder where

This optimism comes from



Created September 15, 2017




What did you say?

Here I stand
On a pillowy white cloud.

There is this guy
With a beard standing here

Looking down into
A big red leather bound book.

He is taking a long time
Turning page after page.

I am hearing
A grunt or two,

But not a word from his lips,
Not a welcome.

I shift from
One foot to the other.

What am I
Doing here?

My last memory
Was slipping and falling.

I begin to worry.
I have so much to do.

If he is not finding
What he is looking for

How will his search
Affect me and my future?

Oh, he signals me
Come closer, step over here.

There is no hint
Of a smile or indication

What the book
Has revealed to him?

With a concerned look
And a shrug of his shoulders

He quietly whispers
So only I could hear.

“I am sorry
I do not have your reservation.

I am sad  to say
You must go…..”

Where did he say
I had to go?

I am definitely going
To get new hearing aids!

Sir, where did you
Say I should go?

Again a little louder he said
“You must go back!”

The cloud turned
A little darker and softer.

I am falling down again
Ouch! Ohhh I hurt all over.


Created: September 11, 2017

The Perfect Christmas Tree

In days long remembered
A young boy lived in a small village.

Small is wrong image.
Just 4 streets, one block long.

Surrounded by farms
Snuggled close by forests.

Days were happily fillled,
Filled with walking here to there.

Walking the forest’s pathways
Listening to the birds singing.

Leaning against the trees and rocks
Listening to the breezes in the leaves.

Enjoying the colors and shapes
Of the trees, bushes, and streams.

The perfect person to find
The special Christmas tree.

A memory of journeys past
Trees along the path.

That perfect tree comes to mind
The path known and followed.

Snowshoes strapped on.
Shush-shush out to the tree,

Zaw-zaw, the saw cuts through
The perfect tree is taken.

Pulled down the path
To home to be our tree.

Tug and tug again.

It is the perfect tree
Everyone agrees.

Oh no, our friend has none.
Unanimously, give him ours.

A wonderful Christmas gift
A perfect tree to decorate.

We need a new tree
And tonight is Christmas eve.

There is no more time
For a long walk to the next tree.

Rush-rush, pick one quick
Zaw-zaw cut it down

Tug it home
Tugging quickly.

Oh so scraggly,
Up goes the ugly little tree.

Put the lights on quick
A ornament here and there.

Put the tinsel on top to bottom
Wrap the garland round and round.

A miracle is taking place
The transformation complete.

From the scraggly little tree
To our perfect Christmas tree.

It was a replacement no more
It was our perfect tree.

Originally written: December 6, 2011

Once upon a time, I did pick out a Christmas tree. A beautiful fir tree
shaped by nature. It was straight to the sky with full branches, a conical
form. Proud of the tree even to beat my chest a little. It felt so good to
have looked all year for that tree and now it was our tree.

A neighbor had been laid off and was not able to go out in the woods to cut
a tree nor purchase one from the Boy Scouts. Dad took our tree to them
about 4 pm on Christmas eve. So I went back out and cut another tree. I
was ten years old. It was the first Christmas I got to go pick our tree.

The scraggly tree was transformed by our holiday spirit. A holiday season
remembered and cherished by our family and our friends.

I Pick Up My Pen

  • It is with a will I pick up a pen to jot down a few words to record my musings.   This process puts me into a very meditative state of mind.  I find more and more often I pursue this environment.  It is warm,friendly, and cozy producing a euphoric state of happiness.  I find myself in a heightened state of awareness to all I am surrounded by or enmeshed in.  Each experience is far more enjoyable to participate in.
  • I am so very lucky!  I have seen so many others less fortunate.  I have my health, both mental and physical.  I have my family, brothers, children, wife, and even an ex-wife. I have friends and work associates that are a joy to be around.  They enrich my life.   I have a good  job.  
  • Yes, I am so very lucky!     Isn’t well-being just a state of my mind?  If you are happy and satisfied, isn’t that the ideal state of existence to pursue?  Money is  not what brings about happiness.
  • I am so lucky!  I am happy in my circumstance. I could be happy in other circumstances.  The feeling begins with “Thankfulness.”

Originally written:  April 16, 1997

  • This is true today as it was thirteen years ago when I wrote this entry in my journal..  I have found writing down my thoughts and feelings in the form of poetry relaxing.  

Ahhh, My Beloved

  • Ah-hh, my beloved,
    • I am coming
    • Closer by the minute.
  • I crave your cuddles,
    • Our flip-flop-flips.
  • I crave my side, your side.
    • I have missed your touch,
    • Voice, and presence.
  • I have missed the things
    • We do together.
  • I have missed doing
    • Things for you.
  • I am on my way,
    • Soon my love, soon.


Originally written:  April 15, 1997

  • I have taken many business trips.  The trip to Japan and the flight home was long.  These thoughts were written on the plane ride home.  I was glad to be on my way back to the USA.

Where am I Going?

Where am I going?

  • Where am I going?
  • I think I know!
    • I say “think” because the winds of change blow;
      • Sometimes meekly and other times very brazenly.
    • I, like the oak tree, bend in the wind allowing the wind to pass  changing only those things necessary to sustain life and stay on course.
  • Where am I going?
  • I know the way!
    • I say “know” because I am committed;
      • commitment plus perseverance equals achievement!
    • I like the tortoise, slow, plodding, deliberate.
  • Where am I going?
  • The way is here inside,
    • The path unclear – full of danger.
    • It is strewn with pitfalls and brambles.
    • It winds in and out of darkness, fog, and sunlight.
    • It turns upon itself confusing travelers.
  • Where am I going? 
  •  I feel safe.   I have faith.  
    • I will reach my destination!
    • It will be different than I now see it.
      • Yet, I am comfortable it will be MY Destination.

Originally written:    November 19, 1994

Vaya con Dios Mame

Dearest beloved Mame,

From that very first meeting lightning struck
Electric emotions lit up my life.

You unselfishly shared your intelligence.
It has enriched my own thoughts and decisions.

You delicately shared with me your beliefs.
My professional and personal life improved.

You gifted me with your love of children.
I have grown to love yours as my own.

You forth rightfully shared your care for animals.
It has changed my views and donations.

You demonstrated your wish to give back to your community
It has made me proud and given me an example to live by.

Against norms you openly gifted me with your life and love.
It has changed my life. I look forward to every next moment.

My life is forever changed, forever filled
You have filled my life with all you can give.

Now, you have given your ultimate gift.
You gave your life.

I stand here grateful for each and every moment
Remembering the last moments we shared.

I have spread your beautiful flowers upon your casket
They carry and contain my sad emotions with this task.

Nothing can demonstrate my grief at my loss   
The loss of your presence next to me each day.

Beloved, you will be with me in all I do
Your contribution and sharing have forever changed me.

Thank you Mame my dearest, my heart.
Vaya con Dios my darling.

Yours forever,

Frank Lloyd Wright

Originally written:   January 24, 2010

  • The following prose was written after reading the book Loving Frank by Nancy Horan in 2009.    I was so taken by the story  this poem/prose came out of  my thoughts and feelings.     This poem was written for the moments when Frank Lloyd Wright was looking down into Mame’s grave where her casket was covered with flowers from her garden.   I believe Mame was Frank’s soul mate.    He read this letter to Mame as a final good-bye.