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I walk in the forest

Walk Among

Come walk with me.

I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Like you, like me

Our friends, our non-friends.


They are many and varied

Sizes and shapes.


Short legs, short arms and bodies

In endless combinations


Skin in shades and colors of bark

Are many as the grains of sands


Pale white or yellow

To dusk and even midnight.


From homeless and discarded

To rich and empowered


Their beliefs in Gods and spirits

Many heartfelt, others heartless.


From agnostic to zealot

Evoking love and others hate


To walk in this forest

One must be alert and vigilant.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


I have walked amongst humans

For three score and a half more.


I became a connoisseur of watching

Sitting unnoticed, but noticing.


I found when I scratched someone

They bled like me regardless of skin color


The pain and anguish they felt

Was similar to mine.


No shape or size

Made any difference.


I find the differences

Are to be cherished.


I read and viewed media

About senseless aggression


Famine, natural disasters

Earthquake, or disease epidemic


I have witnessed displacement

A human column of immeasurable grief


Suffering starvation

And deprivations


Also domestic violence

To terrorism in schools,


Revenge or an action

To get attention to a cause.


Or war in far-flung nations

Inflicting harm and death.


Our little blue marble is cluttered

With collateral damage.


Even soldiers afflicted

By PTSD created by chaos of war.


Or by the violence in

our neighborhood or home.


I physically hurt

When I come into contact


In person or via media

I shudder trying to comprehend


Both the victims

And perpetrators.


I am at a loss

And feel sad and helpless


My heart has been

Broken and beaten.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Yet, I have hope

Even in the darkest moments


I wonder where

This optimism comes from



Created September 15, 2017




Attitude of Simple Humbleness

Inspire humble thoughts and majestic images.

Inspire humble thoughts and majestic images.

Thank you Ageless One.
My wrinkles, scars, and bruises,
They demonstrate your generosity,
Your gift of longevity.

Thank you Rising Son.
Not as a complaint, but a deep sigh
For the aches and pains of old muscles and bones
They are a gift of a new day.

Thank you Heavenly Father
Each wheezing breath is a prayer
For clarity of mind and heart.
They bow in reverence.

Thank you Gentle Loving Spirit
So many faults and weaknesses,
And so I feel slovenly unworthy,
But still you pour out your bountiful graces.

Within your embrace I face the daily toils,
Overcoming the challenges of bigotry
Sharing the smiles and cheerfulness
With an attitude of simple humbleness.

Originally written: July 7, 2014

I have just finished reading Ann Voskamps’s
book titled: “one thousand gifts, A Dare to
LIVE FULLY right where you are.” I was unable
to read more than page or two at a time. Her
words provoked thoughts and meditation thereby
limiting the number of pages I could read in
one sitting. The above poem is a result of
the reading.


I Am Going Home

A New Beginning!

A New Beginning!

I Am Going Home
Oh Heavenly Father,
Come for me today.
To be home for Christmas.

The earthly toils and tribulations
Have worn my body and spirit down
Come Holy Spirit.

Our long, long suffering is
Torturing the innocents
Surrounding and supporting us.

My body and mind
Yearn for the loving
And peaceful joy
Of being in your presence.

This is the season of Advent
A time of expecting
A time of preparing.

I am prepared.
We are prepared,
Now is my Advent season

I await the miracle
Of my new birth
My new beginning

Free of suffering
Singing with your angels
The glorious songs of old.

Announcing the arrival
Of The Child
And of the new arrivals.

Come Holy Spirit
I await your pleasure
Impatiently, I await

Come Holy Spirit.
Take me home.

Originally written: December 18, 2012

This was written for my cousin, Bill Mehringer, at the request
of his wife Deb. Bill is in hospice as this poem was written.
We love and support Bill and Deb in this long struggle. Bill
got his miracle just a couple hours after Deb read this poem
to him. Bill’s wait is over and he has his beautiful wings.

A Passion for Living

A rose the symbol of love and passion

A rose the symbol of love and passion

To live is to love.
Ah, the passion of living.
Each moment precious.
Each day and year collecting

The good, the bad and
Even the ugly part of life.
Each experience precious
Even priceless.

My collection growing
As my hair is greying.
My appreciation of life’s variety
Expands until it Is boundless.

Originally written: January 11, 2004

I sat across from a friend and listened to the stories he was telling about his life. The stories reflected growing up in an envronment of anger and hate. Later, I was reminiscing on the conversation and how different my life was. I grew up in a poor family wearing hand-me-downs and shoes purchased from Goodwill stores. I admit there were days we hated our unreasonable father.

My sister was the only sibling that remained home to finish high school. All four boys got their high school diplomas later and several went on to college. I came the closest to staying at home until I finished high school. I left two weeks before graduation and went into the military receiving my diploma in the mail. As we grew into teenagers each of us began to have
an increasing number of conflicts with our father.

Yet, I must say we were privileged to grow up in that environment. We can face any challenge and know how to survive even thrive. Each experience we have had whether it was good, bad, or ugly enriched us. As I have grown in age, wisdom has provided a view of past happenings that has morphed from distaste to appreciation. In discussions with my brothers we discovered each of us has confidence in our abilities instilled by having been through difficult times.

I would even go so far as say each brother has a passion for living.

Caught in the Act

To observe the instant a child learns is a miracle.

I am amazed,
And in awe.

To see a baby,
Or a young child

Caught in the act,
Of seeing something for the first time.

The arms, legs
of constant motion stops.

The eyes open wide
Seem to be absorbing.

It is as if I can see
The child’s mind learning.

It is a wondrous sight,
A treasured moment.

Originally written: January 11, 2004

I saw a baby in a stroller see a robin sitting on a branch for the first time. I was totally captivated by the baby staring at the bird. For it’s part the robin chirped and chirped calling for a mate. The child stopped all motion and just looked at the bird. I could see her eyes widen and focus on the bird. It was absorbing and the thought came to mind was the baby was learning. I was elated to have watched the child see the robin red breast for the first time.


In life
As in all things
Choices come
And must be made.

Choices can be black
Or white
Very easy to discern
Without regrets.

Many days
And times
There are no white
Nor black anywhere
On the horizon

Yet a choice
Must be made
Ambiguity is the normal order
Choices with little information
Of lessor evils
Or least negative impacts.

All choices
Come with small
Or large regrets
Ambiguity reigns supreme
Yet choice is a must.

Postponement’s a no-no.
Procrastination in past
Can no longer be used
Decision must be made.

Regret will be a part.
Pride will be a another part.
Growth within your heart
And progress will happen
Knowledge and experience will queue up.

Another choice
Will be right there
Demanding another choice
And so we go back to the first line.

Originally written: November 13, 2003
Updated: January 4, 2012

We have had to make difficult choices. This poem is a reflection of those choices we have made and will make it life. We cannot live without making these choices. To live is a choice. Yes, I have accumulated regrets, but along with those regrets comes happiness and pride. With age we become wiser in the choices we make. At least most of the time.

2011 Reflections

Oh dear Lord,
This year is about to be over.
What next will come our way?

This past year
Was filled to overflowing with
Too many, way too many;

People hurt or killed by others
Jobs lost causing bankruptcies
Banks focusing on dollars in arrears
Homes lost displaced families
No job or home created homelessness
No food or water caused starvation
Earthquake caused Tsunami and nuclear disasters
Tornados sweeping clear land and lives
Fanaticism begat escalated responses
Occupy here and occupy there
Wars and armies trampling rights and lives
Wild fires taking homes and lives
Politicians use of sound bites
Media stampedes to get latest
Cancers taking too many beyond the veil
Memories and abilities lost to alzheimers
Commercialism of holidays
Some Corporations pure greed
The Great Recession continued

This past year
Saw some amazing stories of:

Soldiers coming home
Families being reunited
Last space shuttle an end of an era
People helping others unknown
British royal wedding – William and Kate
MIddle East Spring rebellion freeing citizens
Flyers bill of rights becoming law
Tourism begins to increase again
Santas paying for layaways

Oh dear Lord
May the list of amazing stories be greater
Than the list of sad and painful occurences.

May people the world over
Find a bit of optimism in the face of tragedies.

May each treat each other
As we want to be treated.

Originally written: December 29, 2011

Posted on Expats Post on December 29, 2011 http://expatspost.com/creative/2011-reflections/

I repost it on my blog to provide continuity with last year reflection on 2010. I will be doing the same for future years. The new year has lots to look forward to. May each of you be blessed and have a prosperous new year.

Autumn Has Arrived

Autumn has arrived.
The brisk winds blow.

The temperature announces
Frost on the grasses.

The early morning
Crisp in newness.

My breath
Comes with clouds of white.

Yes, autumn has arrived.
I am refreshed.

Originally Written: November 14, 2003

Ahhhh! The brisk breeze kisses my cheeks and air is crisp and tastes so fresh. The leaves are changing colors from shades of green to fall colors of yellow to brilliant reds. I know that later they will turn to browns. It is autumn and I am refreshed. I hope you are too.

A Day In My Life

Sunrise or Sunset it matters not

Each morning I awake
A new day before me.
Opportunities unlimited
Are there just waiting!

Choice made
Selecting and eliminating.
Opportunities narrowing
My possibilities

Each achievement
Each possibility left undone
And changes lives.

Each evening I celebrate
Both successes and failures
All are important
To all my tomorrows.

Originally written: November 12, 2003

I was thinking about choices made and not made, of opportunities
that went unfulfilled. I was musing how a simple small choice changed
my life. A simple choice was a single step down a narrow pathway.
Each decision was a footstep to where I am today. They can be retraced,
but even that would be a different. There is only going forward with a smile.

I am Home

Home is Where my Heart is

Home is Where my Heart is

Home is where
My heart is.

My heart is where
My love is.

Home is not a house.
Nor any physical abode.

It is the place
My heart seeks.

It is not in the
East, west, north, or even south.

It is just there
Where you are, my beloved.

Originally written: November 30, 2002

When I am not near you my heart knows there
is something missing. It beats steadier when
you are near.