Life is Simple. Life is Complex.

  • Life is simple.
    • Life is complex.
  • Both can be true.
    • You make the choice.
  • Live simply without frills.
    • Each moment has it’s due.
  • Live or fill your life with things and people.
    • Each second used to the fullest.
  • Both are valid.
    • Even the same person moving back and forth.
  • Simple, then complex, and back again.
    • There is a time for complexity and simplicity.
  • Take each, one in turn.
    • Meld one with it knowing change is coming.
  • Life is simple.
    • Life is complex.
    • You make the choice!

Originally written:  October 22, 1997

  • A reflection on life and work on the present and the future.  Life moves from simple to complex, from slow to lightning speed.   One thing is true.  Change is coming, ever coming.   We, as human nature, resist   change and try to maintain status quo.  While we resist change, it is inevitable. 

One response to “Life is Simple. Life is Complex.

  1. I love the Bible book of Ecclesiastes. It makes clear the complexities and simplicities of life. I find that very comforting. ‘To everything there is a season.’

    Very good post. Thanks.


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